Bicycle Accident In Sacramento

Various publications have named Sacramento among the most bike-friendly cities in the country. Thousands of people commute on bikes or ride for exercise or pleasure. The city of Sacramento has supported cycling through designated bike lanes and safety measures.

Unfortunately, automobile drivers are not always so friendly to cyclists. Many simply are not paying attention and some are hostile to bike riders. If you were injured on a bicycle by a careless or aggressive motorist during a motor vehicle accident, Guenard & Bozarth will pursue the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers handle bike accidents in Sacramento, Elk Grove and the San Joaquin Valley.

Attorney Ross Bozarth is an avid cyclist who understands the dangers — and the serious injuries. Call us now at 916-226-9098.

We Know The Perils Of Riding

Bicycle accidents commonly occur when a driver fails to see the rider or fails to yield the right of way. Attorney Bozarth is a longtime biking enthusiast who has made several long treks down the California coast. From countless clients and his own personal experience, he is familiar with the many ways in which motorists injure cyclists:

  • Turning left into the path of a bike
  • Abruptly turning right
  • Pulling out without looking
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Veering into the bike lane or shoulder
  • Clipping riders with side mirrors
  • Opening doors in a bike lane
  • Forcing riders off the road
  • Throwing objects at cyclists

As occurs with injured pedestrian accident, victims of bike accidents are often blamed when they did nothing wrong. We excel at establishing the underlying negligence of the driver and demonstrating appropriate damages. Cyclists often suffer severe injuries such as head trauma, back and neck injuries, broken bones and road rash from the impact with the car or from being thrown off the bike onto the pavement. Our role is to make sure that compensation fully and fairly covers medical expenses and future care, loss of income, permanent disability, and pain and suffering.

Our Professionals Are Committed To Your Recovery

We have handled hit-and-run cases, uninsured motorist cases and other factors that make it more difficult to collect damages. Where other law firms may refuse the case, drop the case or settle for a low amount, we stand by our clients to demand full value.

Call our Sacramento bicycle accident attorneys for a free consultation, or reach out to us online to discuss your injuries and how we can help.