Accidents Involving Large Trucks And Commercial Vehicles

Because tractor-trailers weighing as much as 40 tons are almost certain to cause fatal or disabling injuries in a collision at highway speed, the federal government regulates trucks and truck drivers. When these regulations are broken in pursuit of delivery times and profits, accident victims and their families pay the price.

The law firm of Guenard & Bozarth offers strong advocacy and support in the aftermath of a truck accident. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have the proven ability to hold trucking firms and businesses accountable for causing life-changing harm. With offices in Sacramento and Elk Grove, we take cases across Northern California, including freeway accidents on I-5 and Highway 99.

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What Caused The Truck Accident?

State and federal laws regulate the speed, weight, loading and inspection of 18-wheelers and other large trucks. Truckers are subject to hours of service limits and mandatory rest periods. Our lawyers can identify violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and other negligence or intentional disregard of public safety in pursuit of compensation for clients.

Because we limit our caseload, our lawyers can take the time to make a thorough investigation of the causes of a truck accident; an analysis of the contractual and corporate relationships among owners, drivers, shippers or lessees; and a complete examination of the full range of your physical, economic and intangible losses. We retain trucking experts and forensic specialists to develop and present evidence of the factors that contributed to the truck crash:

  • Truckers drowsy from long shifts or little sleep
  • Distracted truck drivers (cellphones, laptops)
  • Driving too fast for the conditions
  • Tailgating and unsafe lane changes
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Weight and cargo violations
  • Neglected maintenance (brakes, tires, lights)
  • Negligent hiring and training

Another important aspect of our truck accident litigation practice is our ability to integrate suits for vehicle and component defects with claims of negligent or unlawful operation. By expanding the range of potential defendants, we make it more likely that your eventual financial recovery will be sufficient to cover your needs over a long period of medical treatment or disability.

We handle all accidents with commercial vehicles such as semitrucks and tandem trailers, farm trucks, package delivery trucks, garbage and utility trucks, construction and landscaping trucks, cranes, backhoes and heavy equipment. FedEx and UPS distribution hubs in Elk Grove and West Sacramento provide a steady stream of trucks, and agricultural produce trucks regularly spill fruit and vegetables all over I-5 and Highway 99 as they traverse the San Joaquin Valley.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation For Long-Term Needs

We have recovered verdicts and settlements in truck accidents for wrongful death and for serious and permanent harm such as quadriplegia/paraplegia, loss of limb, severe burns from vehicle fires and explosions, traumatic brain injury, broken bones and crush injuries

The attorneys at Guenard & Bozarth have long experience with the proof and presentation of damages claims related to each of these injuries, and we make sure that every component of your loss and projected expenses is documented and included in your demand for compensation.

While commercial vehicles are well-insured for catastrophic accidents, the defendant companies and their insurance carriers have much at stake and are backed by high-powered lawyers. You need true trial lawyers on your side who will go the distance in pursuit of coverage for past and future medical care, lost earnings, lasting disability, and pain and suffering.

We will come to you if your injuries prevent travel. We provide a free consultation and take no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Call our Sacramento truck accident attorneys immediately or contact us online to start the investigation.