Pedestrians Accidents In Sacramento And Northern California

Any time you step off the curb, you are at the mercy of motor vehicle drivers. They cannot always be trusted to follow traffic laws or even to be paying attention. And yet there will be some question of who was at fault, which could bar you from receiving compensation or reduce the amount of your recovery.

That is where the skilled personal injury attorneys of Guenard & Bozarth come in. Over the past 25-plus years, we have successfully represented hundreds of pedestrians hit by cars and trucks in Sacramento and surrounding communities. Our experience also includes helping injured bicycle riders as well. Our mission is to secure the full compensation you need and deserve to recover from your serious injuries.

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Were You Or Your Child Hit By A Car?

With offices in Elk Grove and Sacramento, our pedestrian accident attorneys have handled cases across Northern California. We can knowledgeably assert your rights and stand up to the insurance companies to make sure that your claim is not shortchanged or dismissed.

In pedestrian cases, the defense may try to argue the victim's comparative fault, such as crossing against the light or walking in the dark. We examine police reports, interview witnesses and if necessary hire experts to reconstruct the accident to keep the focus on the negligent actions of the driver of the car or truck:

  • Speeding in a populated area
  • Running a red light or stop light
  • Turning without yielding
  • Backing up or pulling out
  • Veering onto the shoulder
  • Encroaching on the crosswalk
  • Texting or phoning while driving
  • Impaired by alcohol or drugs

We also consider third-party liability such as foliage, signage or illegally parked vehicles that obscured the victim until it was too late.

Experience Matters When The Injuries Are Serious

Pedestrians often suffer broken legs, hip fractures and other broken bones. Healing from orthopedic injuries can be grueling and slow, or may hinder a child's growth and development. Pedestrians are also vulnerable to brain injuries, spinal injuries, internal bleeding and other serious injuries that may not be immediately apparent at the time of the accident. We help clients get properly diagnosed and treated to give them the greatest chance of full recovery and to ensure that the injuries are well-documented if their claims are later second-guessed by the defense.

Unlike firms that settle too soon or simply give up on clients if the case won't settle, Guenard & Bozarth has a reputation for taking cases to trial. The insurance companies know that we prepare a solid case and will not fold so easily, an approach that has yielded notable results for our clients.

If you were injured while crossing the road or if your child was struck by a vehicle, call our experienced trial lawyers for a free consultation, or reach out to us online to discover how we can help.