Insurance Bad Faith For Storm Damage Claims

Guenard & Bozarth represents homeowners whose insurance claims have been unfairly denied or undervalued following catastrophic damage from storms. We represented hundreds of claimants who were systematically denied coverage in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Our attorneys file and follow through on bad faith lawsuits against major insurance carriers for denial or delay of property insurance claims for storm damage, including water damage, wind damage, and subsequent disasters such as mudslides or fallen trees.

Some insurers are notorious for dismissing such claims on technicalities or bogus reasons. We will go to trial to get justice and compensation.

One client had 3 feet of water in the house after a storm. The carpet was removed, dried in a field and put back into the home rather than being replaced with new carpet. The bottom portion of drywall was cut away rather than replacing the whole sheet. In the process, air blowers circulated asbestos-laden insulation, resulting in asbestosis disease. We obtained a large recovery for the devastated family for the shameful and negligent way their legitimate storm claim was handled.

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