Never in my life did I think I would recommend an attorney. Somehow God sent this angel of an attorney to assist me in my personal injury lawsuit. I was told by lawyers in Bakersfield that my lawsuit was frivolous because there was money in it. The person causing the injury had a small insurance policy and the bills were too high. Mr. Guenard stepped in and got me more than I ever thought I could obtain. The office staff was very polite, answered my questions and always got me through to my attorney without hesitation. My surgery was completed and I have the use of my shoulder back. I cannot thank him and his staff for being on top of the case at all times. I still cannot believe the pleasant voice and demur of my attorney. He was always in a great mood and kept my spirits up at all times. This was exactly what a person involved in a fatal car accident needed to hear. Thank you Mr. Guenard from a seasoned veteran.


I live in Elk Grove where we don’t always have a lot of choices. Lawyers are one area where we have few good choices. I wanted to work with a local law firm after my motorcycle accident, and I chose Glenn Guenard and Ross Bozarth. I figure now we have few choices in personal injury attorneys because no one wants to compete with them. After my motorcycle accident they came to see me in the hospital. They handled everything, including helping me get the medical care I needed and when I was as good as I was going to get they settled my case. Great representation and they truly cared about me and my family. Thank you!


My daughter was involved in an automobile accident in an intersection on her 17th birthday. The other person said it was her fault and my daughter said her light was green. I am not the sort of person who sues but my insurance company was useless and all they wanted to do was pay the other guy and close the claim. My own insurance company gave me no choice but to hire an attorney. I looked at the television and what I was looking for was someone local and someone who was a fighter. I found Glenn Guenard and Ross Bozarth.

They knew going in that I was not big on suing. They took control and proved my daughter was not at fault, which alone saved me hundreds of dollars and then they settled her case and got her money for a new car. These two men worked for me and my daughter and if you want someone on your side I highly recommend these men.


I was really happy with this firm. Mr. Guenard and Mr. Bozarth were really helpful and kept me informed the entire time. Never once did I have to worry about my claim, only healing my body. That took a huge load off my mind!


This was my third attorney. The first two were unable to find liability and he did. Exceptional!


As I previously stated, I live in Elk Grove where we have few choices for most things and personal injury law firms are one of those areas where we have limited choices. I hired the law office of Guenard & Bozarth to work with my motorcycle accident. They came to me in the hospital, helped me get the medical care I needed and when the time came they settled my case. I worked with both Glenn Guenard and Ross and they almost knew what the other was thinking. I had a great result and I could not be happier. This is a law firm that gives a damn and I was not just a number. Thank you guys!

Client in East Elk Grove

Ross and Glenn Guenard worked together and were able to prove liability and get me money.

We live and work in Elk Grove. We also have an office in Sacramento.
We handle cases in Northern California as well as throughout the entire state.


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