We Step In To Favorably Resolve Insurance Coverage Disputes

The insurance company must give a reason for denying, reducing or terminating your insurance claim. In our experience, claimants are commonly – and incorrectly – told that their policy does not cover such and such. That interpretation may be true in other states where they do business, but insurers must apply the law where the claim is made. California law may override the policy language and require that the event be covered.

This is one example of an insurance coverage dispute, and a prime example of how an experienced lawyer can get action and results where the typical individual would get the runaround. The attorneys of Guenard & Bozarth regularly resolve cases out of court, in part because of our demonstrated successes in obtaining verdicts for insurance bad faith. Insurers know that it may be more cost-effective to settle the claim than face us at trial.

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The Insurance Companies Are Protecting Their Interests

Insurance companies want to settle your claim, but they want to do so as profitably as they can. There may be valid questions of what is covered and where their obligation starts and stops.

Our attorneys will examine the fine print of your policy to determine where you stand and whether to pursue the claim. We have handled all types of coverage disputes, including:

  • Storm damage claims, including water intrusion and wind damage
  • Fire loss claims, including smoke damage and smoke inhalation injury
  • Disability insurance, including medical exams and termination of benefits
  • Health insurance claims, including authorization for surgery
  • Life insurance claims, including policy exclusions or cause of death
  • Auto accident claims, including no-fault benefits and uninsured motorist coverage

We can often reach a mutually agreeable settlement through negotiation. Our lawyers also represent policyholders in arbitration and insurance litigation. When insurance companies engage in unfair and deceitful practices, we will pursue damages for bad faith.

We invite you to a free consultation at our offices in Elk Grove or Sacramento. Your case is handled by an experienced attorney, not a paralegal. In most cases, we take no attorney fees unless we are able to secure compensation or benefits on your behalf. Call 916-226-9098 or contact us online.