Was Your Life Insurance Claim Denied In Bad Faith?

Life insurance should be straightforward. Upon the death of the indemnified person, the insurance company is obligated to pay the policy limits to the beneficiaries. Yet grieving survivors often experience pushback or unwarranted delays when filing life insurance claims. Sometimes there is a legitimate issue with policy interpretation or unpaid premiums, but some insurers employ shameless practices to avoid their obligation and retain the proceeds.

The attorneys of Guenard & Bozarth can intervene if your valid life insurance claim has been rejected or unreasonably denied. We have forced insurers to fulfill their end of the contract, through bad faith litigation when necessary. If you think you are being treated unfairly, we can explore your legal remedies in a free consultation.

We represented a man who was put through the wringer when his wife died from complications of back surgery. The insurer invoked a pre-existing spinal condition she had checked off in the initial insurance application. Our attorneys saw through this tactic and brought a lawsuit for bad faith denial. We eventually recovered $875,000 on a $100,000 policy.

If the insurer won't pay your claim, or is trying to get away with partial payment, make arrangements to speak with our life insurance claim attorneys at our offices in Sacramento or Elk Grove. Call the experienced lawyers Guenard & Bozarth at 916-226-9098 or use our online form. We handle denied life insurance claims throughout Northern California.