Compensation For Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming pools are magnets for fun but fraught with danger — posing not only the risk of drowning but slippery surfaces and hard cement landings. You assume some risk any time you enter a pool but that does not mean that the property owner or management is off the hook when injuries occur.

At Guenard & Bozarth, we have represented personal injury and wrongful death plaintiffs for more than 25 years. We have recovered verdicts and settlements for adults and children injured in pools and water parks in the Sacramento area and Northern California. Our firm is equipped to hold the negligent parties accountable and obtain full value for your lawsuit.

You do not give up your rights in a pool. Get a case evaluation at 916-226-9098.

Establishing Liability Of The Property Owner

Posted signs that say "No lifeguard on duty" or "Swim at your own risk" are a warning but not a waiver of liability. The property owner may still be liable under California law for negligent supervision, inadequate security, property defects, neglected maintenance and other tort claims.

We handle premises liability lawsuits for serious injury or fatality occurring at:

  • Private backyard pools
  • Public pools and beaches
  • Hotel and casino pools
  • Apartment complex pools
  • Water parks and theme parks

Our attorneys are familiar with the common injuries, including accidental drowning deaths, brain damage from near drowning, slip-and-falls on pool decks, falls from water slides, diving board accidents and shallow diving injuries. We excel at presenting a case for what the property owner could and should have done to prevent the accident. In negotiations or at trial, we push for maximum compensation to cover the medical care, financial hardships, and pain and suffering.

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