October 15, 2018

An article was recently written from the viewpoint of a Disney ride operator who said “The only thing you should be putting in your kids’ shoes is their feet.” The ride operator included a picture of an adult shoving napkins in a child’s shoes to make the kid tall enough to meet the height requirement at Disneyland’s Indiana Jones ride. This is something they have seen countless times before.

The author went on to say they understand how badly people want to have that first experience riding with their child on an attraction they love. The memory of going with my son on his first “upside down” roller coaster and watching his experience all the emotions of going on a ride that was bigger, faster and more exhilarating than anything he’d tried before. Part of what made that moment so special was that riding was entirely my son’s decision. A lot of people put too much pressure on their kids when they visit theme parks. It’s possible to have a great day at Disneyland with your children without going on any major rides.

The moment I had on that roller coaster with my son didn’t happen the summer he hit 48 inches tall… that was years later and still as magical. That’s not the biggest reason to not shove a bunch of napkins in your kid’s shoes, though. Here’s where he swapped hats from “parent” to “ride operator.” Height restrictions protect riders. Theme park rides are very safe. The ride operator says if you had sufficient experience, you might even take a cooperative toddler on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad safely, if nothing went wrong on the ride. That’s a huge “if,” though. If that roller coaster stops unexpectedly for any reason, its lap bar won’t be able to restrain a child under 40 inches tall. That’s why the ride has that height restriction. Ignoring ride restrictions can kill riders and has on thrill rides around the world.

Whenever you enjoy a ride you are tempted to believe it’s just fine for a small child, so it’s OK to shove some lift into their shoes if they’re close to making the height limit. But if you’ve been on that ride during an emergency stop or evacuation, you probably would see the wisdom in waiting until a child really was big enough or old enough to ride officially. Don’t pressure your children to go on rides before they’re ready, and don’t try to game the system to do it. You might think that you’ll get away with it. Maybe you will. It’s just not worth the risk.

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Guenard & Bozarth LLP recently settled a slip and fall case for $500,000 a couple weeks before trial. The client slipped and fell on a wet piece of cardboard in a grocery store and sustained a serious shoulder injury that required surgery.




On February 13, 2013 Maricela, a Certified Nursing Assistant presented to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Emergency Room with complaint of neck and back pain. She was diagnosed with a neck strain and was given Ibuprofen and instructed to return if her symptoms did not subside.


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