November 18, 2022
Important Thanksgiving Travel Reminders

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for travel in America. Travel numbers in 2022 are expected to be higher than usual as America returns to pre-pandemic patterns. With more drivers on the road the chances of a car crash increase. Here are a few things to remember and plan for.

Anyone traveling in California this Thanksgiving should expect the unexpected. Highway congestion, bad weather, and flight delays wreak havoc on the best-laid plans. Keep in mind that getting to your destination safely is more important than getting to your destination quickly, and knowing an alternative route before getting stuck in a traffic could be a time and frustration saver. There are also many different apps you can use while driving provided you have a passenger who can help you do this so you can avoid distracted driving.

Planning your itinerary and departure times could also have a big impact on the time spent driving. Most travelers want to be ahead of the game and a great way to do that is by reviewing your chosen route in advance. Another time-honored way to get this done is by leaving earlier than you usually do to compensate for increased traffic. Many experts advise traveling on Thanksgiving Day in order to avoid the bulk of holiday travelers. If you are able you may choose to return home the same day or even on Black Friday, since many people will be shopping and leave on Saturday or Sunday.

If you’re driving long-distance, a visit to a local car repair shop may be advised. That last minute oil change, wiper replacement or tire check may make all the difference in your trip. Most of us have noticed an increase in rain and a decrease in temperature and these factors could have a major impact on your trip. Before hitting the road be certain to have a full tank of gas and this is a great time to check your spare tire.

Because it’s cooler outside doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a hot-head driver. No matter what someone else is doing it’s critical to keep cool while driving. The stress of going to see family impacts people in different ways and some of us are more on edge than usual. Slow-moving traffic and crowded roads trigger road rage with deadly consequences. Practice defensive driving and do not engage other drivers with violent or threatening behavior.

Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you’re driving alone, stop at designated rest areas as needed to catch some much-needed rest. If you’re driving with family or friends, take turns driving in shifts, especially at night, so that no one gets fatigued. Resist the temptation to power through long drives with caffeine or other stimulants. If you’ve had anything to drink stay off the road and remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving. Even if it means delaying your trip home don’t drink and drive this Thanksgiving.

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