Accidents And Injuries Involving Trains And Buses

Bus drivers and light rail operators have a high duty to the safety of passengers, pedestrians and the public. Unfortunately, those drivers are not always qualified or diligent, and the buses and trains themselves offer little protection in a crash situation.

If you or your loved one was hurt in a bus or train accident, you can put your faith in Guenard & Bozarth. Our highly experienced personal injury attorneys know how to handle claims against governmental entities to secure compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered. With offices in Sacramento and Elk Grove, we take cases throughout surrounding counties of Northern California.

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We Have Experience With Public Transit Accidents

In more than 25 years of personal injury practice, our lawyers have amassed significant verdicts and settlements in a wide range of cases, including public transportation accidents. We have brought claims against RT (Sacramento Regional Transit), e-Tran (Elk Grove Transit), and other agencies for light rail, commuter bus and city bus accidents:

  • Car-bus collisions
  • Pedestrians struck by buses or trains
  • Standing passengers knocked off their feet
  • Passengers whose wheelchair or scooter was not strapped down
  • Injuries while boarding or exiting the train

Contrary to popular belief, common carriers can be sued for injuries. But there are protocols for suing a transit agency, such as filing a notice of claim within six months. Our attorneys will explain your rights and the process. We will take swift steps to preserve evidence such as onboard video, black box data or witness accounts.

What Went Wrong That Resulted In Injury?

Our legal team knows how to identify negligence in the operation of a bus or train, in maintenance of public transit vehicles, and in hiring and training of drivers. Was the driver drowsy or distracted? Does the driver have a history of accidents or safety violations? Criminal convictions or addictions? Did the driver follow protocols for assisting disabled passengers? Did the driver stop abruptly or take off before passengers were seated or safely situated?

Bus and train accidents can also be caused by dangerous roadways, obscured vision, failure of crossing signals, or faulty components and equipment. We explore all sources of liability to make sure clients are adequately compensated for their injuries and hardships.

We provide a free consultation and take no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Call us now to speak with our Sacramento train accident attorneys, or use our online form to describe your accident, and we will reach out to you soon.